Thursday, 2 October 2014

Natural Collection Loose Powder Review

This post will be super short as I'm quite busy with college at the moment!

Around a month ago, I reviewed the MAC Blot Powder, but I wanted to share an extremely affordable alternative! This is priced at only £1.99 at Boots.

Natural Collection Loose Powder - Warm Translucent
Sorry, the logo has rubbed off!
My skin has become ridiculously dry in the past year, but it used to be excessively oily. During this period, I would use this powder to set my face in the morning before school (7:30am) and I would only need to re-apply it around 1pm! My face was disgustingly oily and greasy, but this would control it so well whenever I dusted a little over my face with a kabuki brush. 
I still remember people's expressions when they saw the difference of my face before and after applying this, awks.. They were so surprised a simple £1.99 loose powder could effortlessly combat my oiliness!
It would literally soak up all the oil in one swipe, leaving a matte face minus the cakey-ness some powders create!

This powder comes in 3 different shades - Neutral Translucent, Warm Translucent and Cool Translucent. Although there are varying shades to choose from, it adds very little coverage, which in my opinion is a positive! There is 15g of product inside which is great!

Natural Collection Loose Powder - Warm Translucent

I've started to use this again with my dry skin and it still works perfectly! I cannot go to events or parties without using this to set my makeup!

This is the only powder I've found (including highend powders) that has successfully combatted oiliness and setted my makeup so well! It ensures that my base makeup stays put ALL day and that my concealer never creases under my eyes, woo!

I just love this powder - it reduces shine and oil, keeps my foundation in place, it even made my face feel smooth AND it's long lasting!
The only downside to this product is that it can get quite messy as it's a loose powder, but I think that's the same reason it works so well!

I've recommended this to friends who've absolutely loved this powder!
Have you tried this powder? Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading, Thahira x


  1. Sounds like a really nice product!

  2. I used to LOVE the pressed powder version. I haven't used it in years because I have to travel to Dublin to find a Boots that stocks it but now that you've refreshed my memory, I might need to go get it! x

    1. Ah that sucks! I haven't tried the pressed version, may have to pick it up! x