Saturday, 25 October 2014

W7: Eyes - Angel Eyes Silky Eyeshadow Pallete and Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Reviews

I hope you're all well! 

This is the second instalment of my W7 series, here's my first post! This post will be focusing on the products I have for eyes, which are the Angel Eyes Silky Eye Shadow Palette in 'Jet Set'* and the Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara*.

The bright yellow mascara tube can be scratched and ruined easily which did irritate me a little but it's what's on the inside that counts, right? & I was definitely very pleased with what was inside! 

The short plastic bristles, which get shorter at the end, grip nicely on to my lashes and coat every single one! The shorter bristles makes it easier to get to the lashes in my inner-corner (do you know what I mean?). I always find it difficult to apply mascara to my bottom lashes without looking OTT, but this is perfect for it! I've found that it doesn't add much length to my lashes, but is amazing at volumising which is what I look for in a mascara. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that it separates my lashes and did not clump even after 2-3 coats! I haven't noticed any flakiness/smudging whilst wearing this. I don't usually bother with curling my lashes, and I'm so glad I don't need to with this mascara as it curls my lashes and holds it in place too! The formula of this is slightly leaning more on the dry side, and although I prefer wetter formulas, this hasn't been a problem for me. This has become my everyday mascara for college because of it's effectiveness in creating quick voluminous lashes, and I cannot believe it's only £1.99 at Fragrance Direct!

I love how compact and sleek this eyeshadow palette is! It has a mirror inside which is large enough to use for applying your eyeshadow.. It's basically perfect for travelling!

This eyeshadow palette is something quite different for me as I only own palettes containing all neutral colours, but I was eager to try out the glittery black and purple!
 This palette consists of a range of shimmers (some more on the glittery side) and mattes. Despite only containing 7 shades, I was rather impressed as I was able to create both smokey and toned down looks with it! All the shadows are buttery-soft and pigmented, except for the first shade. I had trouble getting any pigment from the first colour (matte), which was slightly disappointing as the other mattes were of the same quality as the rest of the eyeshadows. I experienced some considerable fall out from the shimmer/glitter shadows, however none of the shadows creased AT ALL and lasted a few hours before fading.

Here are two of my favourite shades - the beautiful black with fine glitter in it and shimmery light brown
 My next W7 post will feature a gorgeous red lipstick! 

Thanks for reading, Thahira x


  1. Me too, neutrals addict when it comes to eye shadow palettes, I do like the look of this one though x

    1. It's made me want to start experimenting more with eyeshadow, loving it! x

  2. I've used the lashtastic Mascara before & I Love it!! However what is catching my attention is that beyond amazing Palette I need those eyeshadows ��
    Serene xoxo

  3. Aw love the look of the mascara!
    Would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin'? <3

    Freya Blendell

  4. Replies
    1. I know right, I'm still not over the price!!

  5. That looks like my kind of mascara! I really want to try the W7 palettes too, especially the naked 3 dupe :) xx

    Velvet Blush