Monday, 18 May 2015

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation Review

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I've been really wanting to switch up my base recently because even though I absolutely love the Maybelline Fit Me foundation, I just wanted to try something new. I ended up purchasing the Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude foundation while it was still on the introductory offer after I read this post, Gracie's face looks so beautiful!

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation Review

I headed to Boots and realised I was in between shades, and opted for 'Sun Beige 48' because I always go for darker foundations anyways (I just feel like I look healthier lol). This is actually the darkest shade, which means it hasn't got the greatest shade range unfortunately.

This is one of those 'oil-free, shake before you use' foundations, and is sort of a liquid-to-powder finish so it dries matte.. I wasn't expecting it to be as matte as it was. It's quite drying too, and clings to dry patches when I use my Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge.
I feel like it would be great for oilier skin because I'm used to my natural oils coming through after a couple of hours but this controlled it really well.

The formula of this foundation is incredibly smooth and it just feels so silky when blending it in! It just blends in amaaaazingly and it's always seamless, no matter what tool I'm using.
It's also super lightweight and it's so easy to forget you're wearing foundation with this.

The coverage of this is surprisingly quite good, despite being extremely lightweight. It evens out my skintone relatively well, covers blemishes and conceals most of my dark circles when applied with a buffing brush. Application with a sponge will make the coverage sheerer.

Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation Review

Some negatives:
- After a few hours of application, my under eye looks extremely patchy and like curdled buttercream *ew*. This is the first time this has ever happened to me with foundation and I was not impressed! This can be overcome by only applying a light layer around my area area.
- Also, the scent of this foundation is so strong that it literally makes my eyes water when I apply it around my eyes.
- I'm also not too keen on the way you've got to take the product out of the bottle.. just give me a pump!

Apart from these reasons, I do still reach for this foundation when my skin's in good condition because it's lightweight, covers most imperfections and lasts a good 6-8hrs!

What do you think of this foundation if you've tried it?

Thanks for reading, Thahira x


  1. This sounds quite similar to that Urban Decay foundation you reviewed, would you agree? Great post though :) x

    1. Yes! Although, I do prefer the UD one x