Thursday, 20 August 2015

Brows On A Budget

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Brows have become such a big thing in a beauty world, so I thought I'd share some great affordable brow products with you!

This has got to be my favourite out of the bunch! The left side is a darker wax and the right side is a lighter powder, and they both work perfectly together. I can never go wrong when I use this kit, my brows always end up looking just the way I want them to. It's also the only product so far that has allowed me to create brow twins instead of sisters, woo! It helps shape, define and keep my brows filled in and in place all day, whether I go for natural-looking brows or more dramatic brows.
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This is actually an eyeshadow and it's the first product I ever used for my brows a few years ago. The eyeshadow itself is super pigmented, so I've got to be careful not to load my brush with too much product. It's a warm brown shade, and does a great job of defining and filling in my brows. I do feel like I need something to help keep my brow hairs (and the product) in place which is why I'd pair it with Rimmel's Brow This Way or my ELF brow gel.
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This is the product I opt for when I need to do my brows in a rush. The felt end is just perfect - easy to use, pigmented and very long lasting. It's very difficult to 'over-do' your brows with the felt end. I also enjoy using the kohl end which is a darker shade.
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This is a product I hardly use by itself nowadays, unless I'm aiming for very natural brows. I feel like it's best paired with another brow product to help keep my brows in place! It's also available in a clear formula.
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Let me know what your favourite brow products are!

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  1. AMAZING blog post !!! had a good read :) I love your blog :)))

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  2. Great post,loved it!
    xoxo Antonella

  3. I really need to try Brow this way because I'm almost running out of my Benefit one, so I'd love to find a cheaper option. Great selection x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Oh I actually really want to try Gimme Brow! Let me know how they compare if you try Brow This Way as it's apparently a dupe! x

  4. I love this post! I'm all for beauty on a budget. I love the ELF brow kit as well, one of my faves! :-)