Thursday, 22 January 2015

MUA Bronzer Review

Hello! ♥

As my Rimmel bronzer was running out, I rummaged through my makeup to find another orangey-gold toned bronzer, but everything was looking too red until I re-discovered my MUA bronzer.
I already owned it in the Shade 2, but I still wanted something lighter in colour and less red-toned, so I went and purchased Shade 3.

LEFT: Shade 2. RIGHT: Shade 3.

This bronzer comes in 3 shades: Shade 1 has shimmer, and the other two are matte. Shade 2 is a sort of terracotta colour and Shade 3 is a much lighter, bronzey shade.

The bronzers come in really simple clear plastic packaging, but you can't really complain when you get 5.7g of product for only £1.

These bronzers are incredibly pigmented, I never need to swirl my brush, it literally only needs to touch it slightly and that's all I'll need! They stay put ALL day and the only difference I notice when I'm removing it is that it's sort of gotten more matte during the day. Although they are matte, they still look super natural on my cheeks. I'm also never left with harsh lines as they blend out so easily! Thankfully, they do not transfer either.

As they are are matte, I suppose they could be used for contouring but I've never used these for that purpose.. I prefer to use them along my cheeks which automatically slims them down anyways. I've been using Shade 3 on an everyday-basis but I opt for Shade 2 every now and then when I want something a little more noticeable.

Have you ever tried any of the MUA bronzers?
What is your favourite bronzer?

Thanks for reading, Thahira x


  1. Sounds really nice, and they're so affordable! x

  2. I like the lighter bronze shade - will be lovely in the summer!

    Chloe The Redhead | Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  3. These look great for an affordable bronzer! My favourite was the bourjois one but I feel like the shade looks a bit off recently :)

    Velvet Blush

    1. I always just go past the Bourjois stand, will deffo have a look at the bronzer next time! x