Thursday, 29 January 2015

Kiko Lip Liners Review

Hello! ♥

A couple of years ago, I only owned about 3 lipliners (all of which my dad had purchased for me lol!), but my collection has not stopped growing! Lip products are my most favourite makeup items, so I'll forever be purchasing new lip liners and lipsticks in various shades.

I popped into Kiko to repurchase my all-time favourite lip liner, but I think they've discontinued it! I guess I shouldn't be too surprised as I purchased it 3 years ago.
However, my trip to Kiko was not wasted as I still ended up picking up two new favourites!

Kiko Precision Lip Pencil 303 - £4.20
My previous lip liner from Kiko was from this range, so I was keen to try another. I swatched various colours from this range and selected 303 because the colour is just gorgeous! It's a beautiful mauvey colour, it does seem to have hints of purple in some lights and I love it!
This lip liner can drag on my lips, and I would recommend exfoliating and applying balm before using it if you have extremely dry/chapped lips. I don't usually need to prep my lips beforehand and this lip liner is still very comfortable to wear and isn't too drying. This lip liner is SO pigmented which I love as I often wear lip liners by themselves, especially this one because it's matte. The lasting power is also amazing - it lasted me ALL day at college and even after college, even though I ate loads! By the end of the day, it had faded but left a lovely stain behind.

Kiko Smart Lip Pencil 704 - £2.50
I gave away my Rimmel Spice lip liner because I found it far too orange, but I still loved it so started searching for something similar at Kiko. I found the shade 704 which is quite similar but not as orangey as Spice.
I LOOOVE this lipliner! It is incredibly opaque, it was like I had applied lipstick! It glided perfectly on to my lips and has a beautiful satin finish. It isn't drying in the slightest. This lip liner does not last as long as the Precision Lip Pencil, but it definitely lasted for a sufficient amount of time.
The formula of this lip pencil is just amazing and I can't wait to try more shades from this range!

Re-applying these lip liners, if needed, is obviously not a problem as they're so easy to carry around.
I also love how simple the packaging is.. I'm such a sucker for plain black products!

I have posted swatches for both of these on my Instagram a couple of days ago!

Have you ever tried anything from Kiko? Can you recommend me anything from there?
Ooh or recommend me some of your favourite lip liners please!

Thanks for reading, Thahira x


  1. They seem like really good products! I really want to try some kiko stuff a lot of YouTuber have been using their products too, they seem really nice!

    1. They really are, I loooove Kiko lip liners and nail polishes, been using them since they opened in Westfields! x