Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer Review

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Rimmel Apocalips
I was originally intending to post something different today, but I thought I'd instead discuss one of my favourite lip products at the moment. These lip lacquers came out quite a while ago. maybe even two years ago and I remember purchasing them during the hype around them, and getting so excited that I placed two separate orders for them!

Rimmel Apocalips
I stopped using these for quite a while but I've really been enjoying using them recently!
I have the shades 'Galaxy' and 'Eclipse' and I love them both equally! I thought 'Galaxy' would be a dark lilac shade, but it's actually quite pale and has subtle shimmers running through it. 'Eclipse' is just my sort of shade.. a deep red! 

I love the doe-foot applicator that these have. It has a dip in it which means it carries extra product, and it's usually just enough to coat my lips! Something about this applicator also makes it super easy to get crisp edges. 
You don't ever need to layer this, one swipe really is enough to ensure an opaque coating of the colour. It's really creamy and smooth so the product just glides on, with no patchiness at all! It feels really comfortable on my lips and I didn't notice it being drying.
What I love the most is the lasting power - it stays on my lips for about 5-6 hours and 'Eclipse' seems to leave behind a stain too.

Rimmel Apocalips
Rimmel Apocalips

The only really annoying thing about these is that they are not transfer-proof at all! & Some people may not go for these because they're not matte, and have a glossy finish instead.. However, you could always just apply some translucent loose powder which would help mattify, set and prolong the wear of these!

Ugh I took several photos on different days and STILL didn't end up with anything decent, sorryyyy.

Let me know what you think if you've tried these or the newer matte versions!

Thanks for reading, Thahira x


  1. Eclipse looks lovely x

    1. It's probably my favourite out of the two! x