Friday, 3 April 2015

Rimmel Provocalips Review

Hello! ♥

I've tried A LOT of Rimmel lip products, possibly even one from each range, and I've really loved them. I'm not sure why, but I put off purchasing one of the Provocalips for quite a while and now I finally have it!

There were a few shades I wanted but ended up only picking up the 'Kiss Fatal' which is a lovely colour. It's sort of a plum shade with tiny specks of shimmer in it. The shimmer is hardly noticeable when worn but it still makes some sort of difference, I really can't describe it.

The Provocalips consists of two steps: 
Step 1: Intense colour.
This is where you apply the coloured end of the product, and it really is intense! Although it's very pigmented, I still need to add an extra layer to make sure it's completely opaque.
It applies really evenly and smoothly, and dries to a matte finish after about a minute or two. It doesn't feel dry at all, but may feel uncomfortable for some people because it's quite sticky. I actually enjoy it lol, but I know others may not feel the same way.
Your lip colour will literally stay in place ALL day if you just apply Step 1. It's completely transfer-proof and won't come off unless you eat something super greasy or you use makeup remover. Some people make it sound like it's impossible to remove, but it honestly isn't unless you're attempting to remove it straight after applying. It definitely is harder to remove than my usual lipsticks/liquid lipsticks so you do have to scrub a bit.

Step 2: Lock & Shine.
This smells so yummy! It's a thicker texture but the clear product glides with ease over the top of my lip colour. Applying this gloss takes away the stickiness from the first step, and I usually just wipe off the excess when I don't want the shine.
Applying this second step doesn't affect the actual colour or the staying power!

I'm seriously loving this so much and I can't wait to go purchase the dark red shade!
I also realised that this colour is soo similar to the MAC 'Amorous' lipstick, but 'Kiss Fatal' is more of a purple shade. Despite that, they literally look identical on my lips apart from the finish.
LEFT: Rimmel Provocalips 'Kiss Fatal'. RIGHT: MAC 'Amorous' lipstick.

Thanks for reading, Thahira x


  1. I seen these in the sale on fragrance direct and was in two minds wether or not to try them but now i definitely will, you should look on there too, they were selling them for three pounds :)

    Jennifer's Journal x

    1. No way?! Thanks for letting me know! x