Sunday, 29 March 2015

Favourite Nail Polishes

Hello! ♥

Back when I was 12/13 years old, I was obsessed with nail polishes and I would constantly be switching up my nail colours.. I even enjoyed the process of painting them and waiting for them to dry! My obsession slowly faded away after I bought my very first lipstick but I've finally been getting back into nail polishes! I thought I'd quickly blog my faves :')

Miss Sporty - Rain Drops (£1.99)
This is a GORGEOUS sort of dark emerald-ish green shade, but it does look almost blue in some lights. This is probably my most favourite out of the bunch, but I hardly wear it because it takes forever to dry! Once it has dried, it lasts a good week without chipping. It shows up really opaque with just one coat, but I always apply two coats just so I feel better lol.

Kiko - 365 Tattoo Rose (£2.50)
I feel so grown up whenever I wear this! I'm so bad at describing colours ugh, but it's a really beautiful dark pink/mauve shade which I believe will suit all skin tones! The Kiko nail polishes dry super fast and last around 5days before chipping! I feel like you need to apply two coats to ensure a super opaque colour.

Rimmel - 431 Stormy Skies
I actually won this nail polish in a giveaway from Iqra (The Blushing Giraffe) and I thought it would look odd on me at first, but now I love it soo much! You only really need one coat to achieve this pretty grey-blue colour (but obvs I apply two!)

Nails Inc - Bruton Street (£11)
Nails inc. polishes are my FAVOURITES! They dry super quick, are intensely pigmented and last ages too! This colour is the perfect 'nude' for me, even though it isn't really a nude.. Nails inc describe it as a 'dusky pink nude shade' and I think it has hints of lilac too! It's just such a feminine, sophisticated shade and I lovelovelove it!

As you can tell, I don't really opt for bright nail polishes much.. although, I did used to always go for bright barbie pinks and oranges lol! How times have changed :')
Let me know what your faves are!

Thanks for reading, Thahira x


  1. Love that Nails Inc colour, perfect for spring.
    jennifers journal xx

  2. some gorgeous nail varnish colours! love them, i think the kiko one is my fave! x x

    1. I think it's becoming my all-time fave too! :')